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Our Some Online Payment Platform

If you are looking for an Online Payment Service Provider in Bangladesh with great care and expectation under one roof, you need to choose the right platform for online payment. Digital marketing solutions offer all essential services to fulfill your demand and need upon your expectations. We provide Secure online payment service for overseas firms- Including, online exam centers, fees service, application procedures, online tuition fees, and online shopping payment. You will be happy to know that we also offer our clients USD payment services such as visa fees, air tickets, international hotel booking, and many more.

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Our Online Payment Gateway in Short

Pay Pal:- Pay Pal is one of the quickest ways to send and receive money worldwide. Most of the people who understand payment support always like to use PayPal for payment. This became one of the best reliable payment methods worldwide because there is no secure payment system like PayPal. PayPal is a secure, less demanding approach to pay and get paid on the web. The administration permits anybody to pay in any capacity. They incline toward, including through MasterCard’s, ledgers, and PayPal smart connect or record parties, without sharing money-related data.

Debit Card

The debit card is one kind of plastic payment card if you want; you can use it inside of cash. But it’s not a credit card. It’s like a credit card. We make payment as per our client’s request through the debit card to any places around the world.

The Feature of Debit Card:
– 24/7/ 365 Open Support
– 24/7 Phone Banking Facility.
– Balance Inquiry in Market
– Very lowest annual fee

International Credit Card

Our international credit card payment facilities offer customers various shopping payment options worldwide. However, we also help to reduce the chance of getting overdue with interest. You will get the best price range with extra benefits.

Visa Card

Are you looking for many rewards or traditional benefits? Only a visa card can give you the security and so convenience to make purchases. Pay bills from more than two million ATMs worldwide. When you use a credit card, sometimes you feel bored to pay back over time. The visa card can offer you a flexible payment option. Our online payment service also includes visa debit, visa master, and visa electron payment service, which is also the quickest way to pay money worldwide through the web.

In conclusion Positive Aspects of Being Paid By Us

DMS installment handles above all frameworks and decreases office costs. In contrast, we are giving a productive chapter preparing every minute of every day. It’s intended to meet your particular needs. So that Online shopping services can provide a new payment gateway on purchasing methods. It helps shoppers not waste their time traveling to the shopping mall and spending money on transportation. Also, to give you a faster and better shopping experience by reducing the hecticness of payment. We are here to help you in any aspect by providing excellent service and payment methods.


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